Hiking half day
Guissale 2H

Reservation only by phone for reasons of organisation of the minibus shuttles. 
Call us on 0768165685.

1 to 60 people


Adult prices (14 years and more)14 €
Children’s rates (- 14 years)  8 €


Nice, calm and exotic canoe-kayak excursion from Guissale to Vindelle. Come and enjoy 2 hours of tranquility on the Charente. On the main arm as on the small secondary arms, discover the mills, observe the Fauna and the Flora which borders the River. Enjoy your hikes with family or friends.

Last departure from the base at 4.00 p.m.


Canadia – 3-seater canoe for adults or 4-seater with 2 children under 10 years old
Tanargue – Canoe 2 adult seater or 3 seater with 1 child under 10 years old
Taiki – 1-seater kayak

If you have any difficulty choosing your boat(s). Call us, we will give you the best advise and save your reservation.

If you cannot choose a boat or a time slot, it is because we have no more boats available at that time.


Our prices include:

  • The rental of the adapted boat
  • The provision of practical and safety equipment adapted and to your size (vests, paddles, can).
  • A map of your route
  • Insurance for practice
  • Transportation by vehicle when it is necessary (in case of heavy traffic we may ask you to use your vehicle)


Reminder of some safety and good conduct rules:

  • Know how to swim and immerse yourself, wear your waistcoat and closed shoes
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult
  • Be aware of your physical abilities when choosing the route
  • Use the accesses to the river indicated and developed.
  • Respect private property
  • Respect residents, fishermen and other users
  • Do not damage dams and banks
  • Respect Fauna and Flora
  • Respect meeting times
  • Plan what to hydrate, eat and protect yourself from the weather conditions (cap, sunscreen …)